Case Studies

Alarm and Vision

Project: Odeon Cinema Broadway Plaza
Location: Birmingham, UK
Products: 1 x ViLX-TMS

We caught up with Anthony and Jeremy shortly after they launched the business. We’d previously worked with them in their previous roles and were keen to hear what they were doing with themselves and to find out more about Vox Ignis.

We were quite impressed by the products they’d developed and the prices they were quoting, so we agreed to add them to our preferred suppliers list, and – when a project landed on our desk that fit the bill – we decided to give them a go.

Tasked with supplying the most up-to date and reliable products possible for the redevelopment of the Odeon Cinema at Broadway Plaza in Birmingham, we sourced and supplied a ViLX-TMS touch-screen master station from Vox Ignis and the client was very impressed with the resulting installation.

The product is very simple to use, looks great and the team at Vox Ignis are so easy to deal with, which makes the whole process seamless. We are now confident that, no matter what the task at hand is, Vox Ignis can tailor a solution for us.

Here at Alarm & Vision, we’re huge believers that business is best conducted peer-to-peer and Vox Ignis have the people and products to suit. They’re always on hand to talk and can back up their promise with exceptional products. We’d highly recommend them.

– Matt Farragher, managing director of Alarm & Vision Ltd

ROCS Electrical

Project: Luxury Hotel
Location: London, UK
Products: 1 x ViLX-TMS – Touchscreen Master Panel
3 x ViLX-EX8 – Expander Panels
9 x ViLX-ACB – Accessible Bedrooms
6 x ViLX-OSB – Refuge Outstations
1 x ViLX-OSA – Fireman’s Telephone
11 x ViLX-OSC – Combined Fire Telephone and Refuge Outstations
1 x ViLX-ACA – Accessible Toilet

I first came across Vox Ignis when ROC took over a large project in London.  I was instantly impressed with the systems they had fitted and quickly picked up the phone to get more details.  It was then that I found out that I knew two of the firm’s directors, Tony and Jeremy, from their previous jobs and we began discussing how we could work together.  We now work with Vox Ignis on all tenders.

Over the years, I have used most of the systems out there, but I never had a preferred system until I started working with Vox Ignis.  Having a good relationship with the team has really helped us, as has the ease of programming the system, and every client I have handed it over to has loved the touch screen user controls and how easy they are to use. 

One of the largest projects we have worked with Vox Ignis on was the fit-out of a 92-room luxury boutique hotel in the City of London.  The project saw us fit out the development with seven different Vox Ignis products, amounting to 32 items in total.

The products were easy to understand and the team were always on hand when we needed technical support.  I have never had anything but positive feedback from clients when we have handed over the systems to them.

The team at Vox Ignis really go above and beyond to make sure you are competitive and supported with the delivery of any project you use their products to fulfil.  I would highly recommend Vox Ignis to any business as a go-to product for refuge and disabled alarms.

– Dean O’Brien, Integrated Systems Manager at ROC Electrical Ltd

Sovereign Arms

Project: Student Accommodation, Car Park & Office Building
Location: Bournemouth, UK
Products: 3x VILX-TMS-W-8 Master Stations
6x VILX-EX-8 Expander Panels
44x VILX-OSB Type B Outstations

One of the first projects we worked on with Vox Ignis was a 16-storey student accommodation development in Bournemouth with an adjoining car park and office building.

The property developer was – and remains to this day – one of our largest clients, so we knew we had to work with a partner we could trust and that had the capability to provide us with products that were really at the cutting-edge of the safety and security industries. 
Prior to this, just after they’d launched Vox Ignis, the two founding partners of the firm had both paid a visit to our headquarters in the South East to show us their marketing material.  Once they demonstrated a few examples of their products, we were sold on them.

As a company which specialises in the design, installation and maintenance of fire and security systems, we know that the products we buy have to be not only innovative but also aesthetically pleasing, as a lot of the people we work with are architects and creatives.

This is what really made Vox Ignis stand head and shoulders above everyone else we’d worked with. Not only were their products leaders in their field in terms of technology but they were also, by far, the best-looking products out there from a design point of view.

Having seen the architects’ vision and having drawn up a list of the products we’d need, we purchased three VILX-TMS-W-8 Touchscreen Master Stations, six VILX-EX-8 Expander Panels and 44 VILX-OSB Type B Outstations for the project.

Not only did they tick all of the boxes from a compliance point of view, but they were also very cost-effective and the client absolutely loved the look of the products, especially the colour touch screen on the ViLX-TMS Master Station and the stainless steel finish on the Type B Outstation.

The products also ticked all of the boxes from an installation point of view. The wall-mounted enclosures on both the ViLX-EX8 system expander panel and the ViLX-TMS master station meant they were easy to install, saving the client both time and money.

We’ve now worked hand-in-hand with Vox Ignis on over 20 projects and have never even considered looking elsewhere.  Their products are second to none and the service they provide is impeccable.  We’d definitely recommend them to anyone in the field looking for a new supplier.